Otan brides is my first attempt at erotica and I’m having a blast writing them, but this is a learning process. The challenges of writing short story erotica in your spare time as a new writer are numerous.  Based on the amount of times I’ve had to correct spelling/grammar mistakes, I appreciate every single person who reads my stories and continues to read them, despite my mistakes. Thank you for taking this journey with me!

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Writer with a late ADHD diagnosis.  Check out my blog post on the main page if you’re curious about it. I didn’t realize how stuck in my head I was until I got diagnosed and treated.  It’s been life changing and somehow it ended here.

Avid reader/blogger turned erotic writer during the pandemic — because what else was there to do? I’ve been reading steamy romance novels since elementary school when I would “borrow” my mother’s books. Discovered the key to her locked cabinet in high school and gained access to her stash of good books and was hooked ever since.

I stumbled upon alien erotica novels early in the pandemic, and I honestly hadn’t known non-cheesy ones were out there. I always assumed they would be stupid. But bored with the never-ending sameness, I happened upon one with a hot alien cover and started reading.

As they say, the rest is history. And here i am, writing alien erotica….


I have written 10 short stories for the Otans aliens, plus the free one you get from signing up for my newsletter. In most stories I mentioned there are three alien races the humans can choose from, and my new series follows the Zeylans, with a 3rd series planned.   

I am releasing 1 short stories per week, and I currently started the second species.

I have not planned past the 30 short stories set in this world, but I have not ruled out longer stories. Several of my characters asked me to write more about them, and it was difficult to stick to the short story format for them. 

Feel free to contact me and give me feedback on my stories!