Alien Impulses: Mating Axiss releasing 8/6

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Alien Impulses: Mating Axiss. Next Alien erotica series starting on 8/6

How far would you go to find your sister?  Would you sleep with someone?

Xena’s sister went missing on Zeylan after she signed up for the Intergalactic Marriage Council, and now she’s is determined to get to the bottom of this.  When Xena receives contact information about a shuttle pilot who makes runs between Earth and Zeynlan, she figures he might be the perfect person to toy with for secrets.

Xena has a plan, but it doesn’t include being hot-to-trot for Axiss.  Something about Axiss sets her off and all she wants to do is jump into bed with him.

Maybe Xena’s plans need to change, and she can have Axiss and still find her sister.

I didn’t intend to start the new series. Mating Axiss was supposed to be part of the Zeylan Brides series, but while I was writing it, it decided to be something different. So now there will be a minimum of 3 books in the series, releasing once per month. They will slightly shorter than the last few Alien Impulse books because I am not trying to shove the entire story in one book. This will be my first numbered alien series so starting with Book 1 is more important with the Axiss story.

I had considered stopping aliens totally for a few months to see how I felt, but I think the change to a numbered series will be good. It was hard to write new characters for each book, and I’m excited to tell Xena and Axiss’s story. I think this is an excellent direction for me and taking the time to develop the characters through the series is ultimately how I like to write. Hopefully you all enjoy the continuing story about the Zeylan planet.

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