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New Release – Instant Kicks Anthology. 10 Authors, 18 erotica short stories.
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Imagine if it were legal to order sex through an app. Would you do it?

Instant Kicks presents 18 smutty erotica short stories that explore what happens in an alternate universe when you can order sex on an app as easily as you order takeout and have it delivered fast and easy.

Looking for a third person to play with your spouse?

A gangbang for your wife?

Some sexy F/F action?

A BDSM dungeon?

Instant Kicks has what you’re craving and more. Here are the stories of the people who used the app, and the Instant Kicks that resulted.

Writing News!

So as you can see, I’ve been working on an anthology instead of the next aliens book. But the anthology was fun, and a pretty kinky read so check it out.

Some of the authors are doing daily voice excerpts from the books. You can check out the reading from my first story HERE at Youtube. As always, not work of family friendly. I’ve also made a basic website to post the voice readings as they are released. We’ll be releasing 1 per day for 18 days, so if you are curious to hear other stories, you can find them at

Other than the anthology I have book 5 of the aliens plotted out and will be starting that shortly. It is a continuation of the theme from the last two books, but involves the pilot Axiss that was introduced. It’s time for him to find his mate.

Future Stuff

I’ve made the tough decision to go wide with my story distribution instead of continuing with Kindle Unlimited. There were several factors in the decision, but a big one was that I was being contacted by people who couldn’t buy through Amazon for personal reasons (shared library a factor). Over the next two months, my stories will be falling off KU and I will be listing them wide.

It’s a pretty big and messy project, and I will also need to update all the links on my website as well. My stories will still be available to buy on Amazon, but they will also be available on various other places like BN, Kobo, and Apple. Ultimately it will give people more choices, but I know I have a large KU base so it was a hard decision for me. Hopefully you all stick with me!

Also, I’ve been working with an editor to update the last few books in the Otan series that I never had an editor for. When I go wide with the books, they will be the updated edited versions. Ultimately, I am a much better writer than I was at the beginning and I could rewrite the stories better now, but I have chosen to focus on moving forward with new stories and just cleaning up the unedited stories.

So that’s the update for now! I’m hoping to get the next aliens book out by the end of June but may end up being the first week of July at the rate I’m going. You can keep updated on Twitter or Facebook if you want more current updates. I also tend to tweet pictures of my cats, if anyone cares to see my kittens.



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