Alien Impulses: Mating Drake released! Also sexy audio reading.

Alien Impulses: Mating Drake
Now available on Amazon.

New aliens erotica released. Alien Impulses: Mating Drake. You can get it from Amazon here. Continuing off the the abduction from book 3, another girl goes missing. Each story can be read in any order, so feel free to start at book 4 and skip around.

Another alien abduction, this time one of the Intergalactic Marriage Council’s own members goes missing.

Julie, a human from Earth, works on Zeylan and needs to find a Zeylan match since she can’t return to earth.  The man she’s paired with is sexy, sweet, and fabulous in bed.  Everything she would want in a husband.

But what will Julie do when she finds out she’s just another abducted woman?

An erotica author friend, Tanya Goode, did a fabulous audio reading from a portion of the book. Check out the recording at this Headliner link. (NSFW use headphones if needed).

Tanya is also an alien erotica author, so check out her book if you like the genre. Check out her Amazon author page here.

Excerpt from Alien Impulses: Mating Drake

“Hi, Julie. I’m Drake.”

The lack of handshake throws me off balance and I stumble over my words a little when I say hello back. Jesus, I sound like an idiot.

“Let me help you with your bags.”

Drake reaches for a suitcase, and I surrender it to him. He’s close enough that I get a whiff of his cologne. The scent reminds me of an herb, almost like a warm cinnamon and I want to gobble him up even more. He peeks at my V-neck as he straightens up from grabbing my luggage and his eyes linger a second on my chest. I’m not sure if he’s looking at the pendant or my cleavage, but it’s hard to miss either if you’re glancing in that general vicinity.

When his panty-melting eyes meet mine, I see approval mirrored in them. He clearly likes what he’s seeing, and there is a noticeable tingle between us. I’m pretty certain I won’t need to do much to get him in bed with me, since he keeps glancing at me as we load the luggage in the vehicle. I even caught him checking out my ass once, and the longer I’m around him, the wetter I am. If he ends up being shy, I have no problem taking the lead and I have a mouth-watering set of pink lingerie that will help.

I rub my thighs together in anticipation as we clamber into the vehicle. The doors don’t open, so we have to climb in and out of it. Drake waves goodbye to Axiss, but I don’t bother since Axiss hardly spoke to me. I am not the type of gal to give the time of day to someone who acts like I don’t exist. Axiss is obviously just in this for the paycheck, which is fine. Not everyone has to be friendly.

We head off down a dirt pathway and take several turns, confusing me with our direction, and I know I’d never be able to get back to the emerald green cliff again on my own. Not that I would need to; he’ll drive me there himself in three weeks to meet the return shuttle. We pass a long red building that looks as if it’s seen better days. When he mentions it’s the school he works at, I glance back at it, surprised. Zeylan is a prosperous planet, and I wasn’t aware they had sections or towns that are poor. No wonder he can’t arrange a vacation right now. They probably don’t have a substitute teacher.

During the drive he points out various scenic sites, and chatters about places he’ll show me. After 30 minutes we pull up to a cute little white rambler. From the outside it appears smaller than the apartment I left at the IMC headquarters, but it’s adorable and my heart skips with joy. I could easily imagine playing house in it. The siding is freshly painted white, and the shutters and trim are blue. Various flowerbeds line the front and everything is in bloom. As I glance around, I notice the lawn is maintained and clean. Someone must enjoy working outside and even though the house is small, it seems well-loved and there is obvious pride taken with its appearance. It even has a tiny little porch with a swinging bench on it. It’s basically the dollhouse I always wanted as a kid and never got.

We climb out of the vehicle and I have no other way to explain the happiness that washes over me as I walk towards the house, other than to say it felt like I was coming home.

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