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Servicing the Senior Partner
Recommendation, can get it from my Amazon Affiliate link HERE.

Recommendation and Update – It’s been a rough couple of weeks in my world. I’ve been open about my ADHD in another article (this one). I tried out some new medication that gave me insomnia a couple of weeks ago, and while I’m now off that medication my sleep has not gone back to normal two weeks later. So there will be no new aliens release this weekend, but I’m halfway done with the next installment so it should be released next weekend. Next story is Alien Impulses: Mating Dean (because my editor friend loves Supernatural). Giving a sneak peak of the first few paragraphs down below.

So instead of my book, I’m featuring a book from another Cross Erotica author. Lacey Cross has released 3 books so far (next one comes out tomorrow) and Servicing the Senior Partner is her first release. It’s a really steamy short story about a gal whose husband finds it hot if she sleeps with other people, with a nice amount of humor along with the hot sex.

It’s available on Kindle Unlimited, so check it out if you’re looking for something new, and keep an eye out for the next alien book in a week.




Chapter 1

The moment I push open the doors leading out from the intergalactic Marriage Council building, I realize my mistake. Camera flashbulbs go off in my face while a dull roar of voices shout out questions — too many voices to understand each one individually but the tiny bits and pieces of understanding that filters through my brain tells me the resounding question everyone wants to know is, “why?” Why am I choosing to marry an alien and leaving Earth? 

My two bodyguards shield my face from the surging crowd and usher me safely to my car. I’m shaking and attempt to straighten my long, naturally red curls from the mad dash. Once the reporters realized they weren’t getting the answers they wanted, people became more frenzied and less friendly. Experience in the past has shown me that unsatisfied reporters get ugly fast, and I received some scars from an unpleasant day to prove it. 

I have many reasons for marrying an alien, and I don’t owe explanations to anyone. I’m just sorry I made the mistake of allowing the reporters to get wind I was taking my personality tests today. Normally I’m smarter about going to private locations incognito, but it’s almost as if my brain has already separated from my life on Earth and doesn’t think of myself as Natalie Harrah, world famous country singer. In my head, I’m simply a 44-year-old woman who is seeking a new life with a Zeylanian man. 

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