Story 10 released – Teddy’s Treasure Sci-fi erotica short story

Teddy's Treasure book cover

Teddy’s Treasure. Book 10 of the Otan Series now available at my Amazon affiliate link.

Is a human ready to experience the pleasure of an Otan woman?

Commander Pelsa is the top ranking official on the Otan space station. Everyone expects her to command in and out of bed. She’s tired of attracting the same type of man and turns to the Intergalactic Marriage Council out of desperation when she agrees to be the first Otan woman to marry a human.

Teddy is more than up for the challenge of handling the Commander quickly shows her who is in charge in the bedroom.

Teddy’s Treasure is the 10th and final book in the Otan Brides series.  Each story is complete on its own and can be read in any order.

Excerpt from Teddy’s Treasure

I obviously don’t date enough, and just the thought of trying to make small talk with Teddy is spiking my heart rate. With another Otan, I know what to expect, and usually it’s not good. I’m attractive so the brave ones ask me out, but they are full of themselves and brag about themselves all night. 

Another issue I’ve run into is that men expect me to command in bed since I’m the commander on the station, and that isn’t my personality. I would prefer a man to dominate me so I could, for a brief time, not make any decisions. Once they realize I will not be grabbing a whip and making them lick my boots, they don’t call me back. I think the Earth term is “ghosted.” I’ve been ghosted more times than I can count, and I refuse to believe that I am the problem. Though I will admit that my social awkwardness probably doesn’t help. I’m an intelligent and capable commander, but my personal life is a mess. Now Teddy is my only hope.

Also, I hate to admit this, but it’s been over a year since I’ve had sex. I enjoy sex just as much as anyone, but the lack of dates has been a problem. I’m half convinced that I only signed up to get married in a horny moment five months ago, but will sex with a human guy even be any good? So many questions and I had no one to ask. I couldn’t really question any of the human men on the station about their sexual habits. My women friends who are human all married Otans and rave about the fabulous sex with their husbands, which leads me to believe that human men must be terrible in in bed. Guess it’s good the pads on my hands can vibrate for myself.

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