Alien Impulses: Mating Jared, Book 2 released of sci-fi erotica series

Mating Jared book cover
Alien Impulses: Mating Jared Sci-fi erotica short story available at my Amazon affiliate link HERE

Alien Impulses: Mating Jared. If a hot older alien asked to restrain you and pleasure you all night long, would you agree?

Judge Emily Jennings is thirty-seven when she realizes her life is going no where on Earth and she needs to make a major change. Hot tattooed men have always been her thing, so she chooses to marry a Zeylan and start over on a new planet.

She’s paired with Judge Jared, a Zeylanian Judge, and quickly learns that he likes to control, not just a courtroom, but also in the bedroom.  Jared wants to hear Emily beg, but she is a control freak who claims she never does.

Will Emily be willing to submit and experience all the pleasure that Jared has to offer?

Each book in the Zeylan Bride series is stand alone and can be read in any order.  If you like it, check out my Otan Bride series as well for more arranged marriage erotica set in the same universe.

Excerpt from Mating Jared:

Lost in my own thoughts for a moment, I don’t notice Jared setting his drink down and reaching over for my hand. He caresses the skin on the back of my hand, which tickles me slightly, so I lift my fingers to allow him to explore the underside and palm. His light touch causes my entire body to quake with tiny jolts of sexual energy. I may be uncertain about him mentally, but physically it seems like my body is all in. My breath catches as he gently flips my hand over, so it’s palm up, and I watch, mesmerized, as he draws circles on my palms.

Jared breaks the silence. “How do you feel about bondage in the bedroom?”

My brain goes numb and freezes while my pussy clenches in excitement. I’m not sure where this is leading, but my lady parts are down for it. I stare at him with wide blue eyes for a minute before blurting out, “Like whipping and spanking me?”

Jared chuckles, “No. I want to tie you to the bed and do such delicious things to your body that you beg me to fuck you.”

I don’t even know how to respond. The lower half of me is screaming hell yes, but my brain is stuck on the thought of me begging. It doesn’t seem likely that I will beg for anything.

My mouth is dry, and I have to swallow before I reply. “I don’t think I’m the begging type.”

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