Otan Brides Bundle 2 released plus Manny’s Mate free through March 23rd

Otan Brides Bundle 2 book cover

Otan bundle 2 released and series finished! Get it from my Amazon affiliate link here.

Bundle Volume 2

Continue the adventure with the hottest alien species in the galaxy!

The Intergalactic Marriage Council arranges marriages between human women and Otans, but the women are not prepared for all the Otans can do and will do to them. The men’s cute cat-like ears and eyes might fool the women into thinking they are nice, but the men quickly show they are the ones in control. 

Enjoy the last 5 steamy short stories in the Otan Brides Sci-fi erotica series.

  • Includes:
  • Varick’s Valentine
  • Lancelot’s Love
  • Peter’s Pet
  • Hunter’s Honey
  • Teddy’s Treasure

Also, Manny’s Mate is FREE through March 23rd. First book in the Otan series and my best single-title story released so far. Feedback I hear is that it’s a light and fun read.

Click on picture to get it free on Amazon. Hope you enjoy it!

Who knew aliens were amazing in bed?

When Ambra agrees to an arranged marriage through the Intergalactic Marriage Council, the Otan species seems like the obvious choice.  The humanoid cat-like species is comforting.  But Ambra gets more than she bargained for. 

Manny’s fertile cycle is approaching and it only happens once every three years, so there is no time to waste.  She barely knows Manny, but she’s expected to jump into bed with him immediately.  Manny doesn’t balk at using his powers of persuasion to convince her she wants to be with him.

Amara is hesitant, but he skillfully shows her exactly how his species use their special abilities for pleasure.  Exploring their differences is going to be more thrilling than she ever imagined…

First story in the Otan Brides Sci-Fi Erotica series.  Read them in any order, but his is the story that started it all. 

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