Alien Impulses: Mating Luke released. New series!

Alien impulses mating luke cover

Alien Impulses new series book 1 release. Find it at my Amazon Affiliate link HERE.

Super excited to have this new series. I learned a lot from the Otans, and I think this new series is going to be even better. I know my writing skill continues to improve, as well as I have my awesome editing friend helping me now as well so there will be less glaring mistakes (hopefully). So introducing Alien Impulses: Mating Luke.

How old is too old?  Can a 100-year-old-alien who looks like he’s in his 50s satisfy a 30-year-old Earth girl?

When Nora is looking for adventure, she tosses her hat in with the Intergalactic Marriage Council and chooses a man from Zeylan. The people from Zeylan are displaced humans from centuries ago, and while they might technically share the same DNA, their planet extends their life way beyond a person living on Earth.

Luke is tattooed, muscular and rich – everything Nora finds hot since she’s always been the type who likes older men.  After they meet, Luke doesn’t waste time and knows if they are going to live together for centuries, they need to sizzle in bed. 

Nora is more than ready to experience whatever Luke wants to teach her.



Are you single, between the ages of 30 and 50, and wondering if there is more to life than Earth? Have you always wanted to live for 500 years? What if there was a way to extend your life and enjoy living in a modern society with advanced medicine? The Intergalactic Marriage Council wants you to consider marrying a Zeylan. The Zeylanian home world is beautiful and lush — an oasis of relaxation. 

Is lack of time stifling your aspirations? When you live longer, you have more time to pursue your dreams. Those goals don’t have to be a pipe dream. They can come true on Zeylan.  

By this point, you’re probably thinking: what’s the negative? And you’re smart to wonder. While the Zeylans are technically human, their homeworld has created some unique advantages and challenges. Once you move to Zeylan, because of the decelerated aging effects, you won’t be able to leave. But who needs to leave this lush paradise? 

Come, be part of history. Explore the ancient alien ruins and question why the aliens took humans from earth centuries ago to hide them away on this wonderland, tucked away in their own corner of the galaxy. On Zeylan you’ll have the chance to ponder such mysteries.

Contact the Intergalactic Marriage Council today!

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