Alien Impulses: Mating Jared, Book 2 released of sci-fi erotica series

Mating Jared book cover
Mating Jared book cover
Alien Impulses: Mating Jared Sci-fi erotica short story available at my Amazon affiliate link HERE

Alien Impulses: Mating Jared. If a hot older alien asked to restrain you and pleasure you all night long, would you agree?

Judge Emily Jennings is thirty-seven when she realizes her life is going no where on Earth and she needs to make a major change. Hot tattooed men have always been her thing, so she chooses to marry a Zeylan and start over on a new planet.

She’s paired with Judge Jared, a Zeylanian Judge, and quickly learns that he likes to control, not just a courtroom, but also in the bedroom.  Jared wants to hear Emily beg, but she is a control freak who claims she never does.

Will Emily be willing to submit and experience all the pleasure that Jared has to offer?

Each book in the Zeylan Bride series is stand alone and can be read in any order.  If you like it, check out my Otan Bride series as well for more arranged marriage erotica set in the same universe.

Excerpt from Mating Jared:

Lost in my own thoughts for a moment, I don’t notice Jared setting his drink down and reaching over for my hand. He caresses the skin on the back of my hand, which tickles me slightly, so I lift my fingers to allow him to explore the underside and palm. His light touch causes my entire body to quake with tiny jolts of sexual energy. I may be uncertain about him mentally, but physically it seems like my body is all in. My breath catches as he gently flips my hand over, so it’s palm up, and I watch, mesmerized, as he draws circles on my palms.

Jared breaks the silence. “How do you feel about bondage in the bedroom?”

My brain goes numb and freezes while my pussy clenches in excitement. I’m not sure where this is leading, but my lady parts are down for it. I stare at him with wide blue eyes for a minute before blurting out, “Like whipping and spanking me?”

Jared chuckles, “No. I want to tie you to the bed and do such delicious things to your body that you beg me to fuck you.”

I don’t even know how to respond. The lower half of me is screaming hell yes, but my brain is stuck on the thought of me begging. It doesn’t seem likely that I will beg for anything.

My mouth is dry, and I have to swallow before I reply. “I don’t think I’m the begging type.”

Alien Impulses: Mating Luke released. New series!

Alien Impulses Mating Luke book cover
Alien impulses mating luke cover

Alien Impulses new series book 1 release. Find it at my Amazon Affiliate link HERE.

Super excited to have this new series. I learned a lot from the Otans, and I think this new series is going to be even better. I know my writing skill continues to improve, as well as I have my awesome editing friend helping me now as well so there will be less glaring mistakes (hopefully). So introducing Alien Impulses: Mating Luke.

How old is too old?  Can a 100-year-old-alien who looks like he’s in his 50s satisfy a 30-year-old Earth girl?

When Nora is looking for adventure, she tosses her hat in with the Intergalactic Marriage Council and chooses a man from Zeylan. The people from Zeylan are displaced humans from centuries ago, and while they might technically share the same DNA, their planet extends their life way beyond a person living on Earth.

Luke is tattooed, muscular and rich – everything Nora finds hot since she’s always been the type who likes older men.  After they meet, Luke doesn’t waste time and knows if they are going to live together for centuries, they need to sizzle in bed. 

Nora is more than ready to experience whatever Luke wants to teach her.



Are you single, between the ages of 30 and 50, and wondering if there is more to life than Earth? Have you always wanted to live for 500 years? What if there was a way to extend your life and enjoy living in a modern society with advanced medicine? The Intergalactic Marriage Council wants you to consider marrying a Zeylan. The Zeylanian home world is beautiful and lush — an oasis of relaxation. 

Is lack of time stifling your aspirations? When you live longer, you have more time to pursue your dreams. Those goals don’t have to be a pipe dream. They can come true on Zeylan.  

By this point, you’re probably thinking: what’s the negative? And you’re smart to wonder. While the Zeylans are technically human, their homeworld has created some unique advantages and challenges. Once you move to Zeylan, because of the decelerated aging effects, you won’t be able to leave. But who needs to leave this lush paradise? 

Come, be part of history. Explore the ancient alien ruins and question why the aliens took humans from earth centuries ago to hide them away on this wonderland, tucked away in their own corner of the galaxy. On Zeylan you’ll have the chance to ponder such mysteries.

Contact the Intergalactic Marriage Council today!

Otan Brides Bundle 2 released plus Manny’s Mate free through March 23rd

Otan Brides Bundle 2 book cover
Otan Brides Bundle 2 book cover

Otan bundle 2 released and series finished! Get it from my Amazon affiliate link here.

Bundle Volume 2

Continue the adventure with the hottest alien species in the galaxy!

The Intergalactic Marriage Council arranges marriages between human women and Otans, but the women are not prepared for all the Otans can do and will do to them. The men’s cute cat-like ears and eyes might fool the women into thinking they are nice, but the men quickly show they are the ones in control. 

Enjoy the last 5 steamy short stories in the Otan Brides Sci-fi erotica series.

  • Includes:
  • Varick’s Valentine
  • Lancelot’s Love
  • Peter’s Pet
  • Hunter’s Honey
  • Teddy’s Treasure

Also, Manny’s Mate is FREE through March 23rd. First book in the Otan series and my best single-title story released so far. Feedback I hear is that it’s a light and fun read.

Click on picture to get it free on Amazon. Hope you enjoy it!

Who knew aliens were amazing in bed?

When Ambra agrees to an arranged marriage through the Intergalactic Marriage Council, the Otan species seems like the obvious choice.  The humanoid cat-like species is comforting.  But Ambra gets more than she bargained for. 

Manny’s fertile cycle is approaching and it only happens once every three years, so there is no time to waste.  She barely knows Manny, but she’s expected to jump into bed with him immediately.  Manny doesn’t balk at using his powers of persuasion to convince her she wants to be with him.

Amara is hesitant, but he skillfully shows her exactly how his species use their special abilities for pleasure.  Exploring their differences is going to be more thrilling than she ever imagined…

First story in the Otan Brides Sci-Fi Erotica series.  Read them in any order, but his is the story that started it all. 

Story 10 released – Teddy’s Treasure Sci-fi erotica short story

Teddy's Treasure erotica book cover
Teddy's Treasure book cover

Teddy’s Treasure. Book 10 of the Otan Series now available at my Amazon affiliate link.

Is a human ready to experience the pleasure of an Otan woman?

Commander Pelsa is the top ranking official on the Otan space station. Everyone expects her to command in and out of bed. She’s tired of attracting the same type of man and turns to the Intergalactic Marriage Council out of desperation when she agrees to be the first Otan woman to marry a human.

Teddy is more than up for the challenge of handling the Commander quickly shows her who is in charge in the bedroom.

Teddy’s Treasure is the 10th and final book in the Otan Brides series.  Each story is complete on its own and can be read in any order.

Excerpt from Teddy’s Treasure

I obviously don’t date enough, and just the thought of trying to make small talk with Teddy is spiking my heart rate. With another Otan, I know what to expect, and usually it’s not good. I’m attractive so the brave ones ask me out, but they are full of themselves and brag about themselves all night. 

Another issue I’ve run into is that men expect me to command in bed since I’m the commander on the station, and that isn’t my personality. I would prefer a man to dominate me so I could, for a brief time, not make any decisions. Once they realize I will not be grabbing a whip and making them lick my boots, they don’t call me back. I think the Earth term is “ghosted.” I’ve been ghosted more times than I can count, and I refuse to believe that I am the problem. Though I will admit that my social awkwardness probably doesn’t help. I’m an intelligent and capable commander, but my personal life is a mess. Now Teddy is my only hope.

Also, I hate to admit this, but it’s been over a year since I’ve had sex. I enjoy sex just as much as anyone, but the lack of dates has been a problem. I’m half convinced that I only signed up to get married in a horny moment five months ago, but will sex with a human guy even be any good? So many questions and I had no one to ask. I couldn’t really question any of the human men on the station about their sexual habits. My women friends who are human all married Otans and rave about the fabulous sex with their husbands, which leads me to believe that human men must be terrible in in bed. Guess it’s good the pads on my hands can vibrate for myself.

Get Book 10 on Amazon today.

Coming Clean in a Filthy World

Brain picture indicating ADHD and mental health

An ADHD diagnosis, mental health discussion, and erotica.

Brain picture indicating ADHD and mental health
Image credit agsandrew at depositphotos

My ADHD story.

A wise person told me today that just because I’m “only” an erotica writer doesn’t mean I can’t use my platform to inspire and make a difference. This person is right, and I’ve decided to open up about a part of my life. I have many misgivings about sharing my story based on comments I have seen other writers make, but I hope this can reach just one person at the right time.

Last summer I got a surprise later-in-life ADHD diagnosis. I’ve blogged about this under a different pen name, and since I value privacy, I won’t get too detailed on how the diagnosis happened. Previously, I lived a mediocre life. I struggled with work, home life — everything. I had bouts of depression from a young age which lead to an incorrect diagnosis of bipolar 2. Later I found out woman with ADHD commonly go years being misdiagnosed and recent research shows a lack of recognition of ADHD symptoms in women which compounds the issue. The pandemic and other personal life factors led me to seek a psychiatrist again after not being on any mood stabilizing medication for over 10 years, and I am beyond grateful I did.

In the past, I accepted my life would never get better. I recognized something was wrong with me because everyday things other people found easy to do; I found impossible. Learning to hide my issues from the world, no one noticed my struggle. I held down a job, paid my bills on time, maintained a successful relationship — my definition of living well — and I found contentment. But close friends didn’t understand why I didn’t get my shit together and do something with my potential.

I attempted writing twice in my life; once in my 20s and again in my early 30s. And by attempt, I mean I had all these story ideas, but after getting 10 pages down I would give up. Making up stories has always been a favorite pasttime, and I enjoy exploring people’s motivations. I continually ran fantasies in my head and relived everything that happened with alternate endings, but I considered them daydreams.

After my diagnosis and getting on medication, I didn’t attempt writing at all since I was too busy marveling at the fact my brain was making the connection from having a thought, to executing the steps, and then being able to finish a project. I’ve tried to explain to other people what I mean, and it’s difficult. But I could always see point A (my grand plans), sometimes I could visualize point C (the goal), but darkness shadowed the path for B. Medication lit up the pathways for me with stunning results.

I honestly didn’t realize how disabling my ADHD was until I’ve seen the person I have become after diagnosis. I amaze myself every day. In November a friend told me I should try nanowrimo and I fucking blew that thing out of the park. I had written nothing in years and the floodgates opened. I’ve been writing every day since.

I know I’m new to writing, though my life experiences and being an avid reader for years helps me. I am having a ton of fun writing erotica and it’s helped forge the path ahead in the direction I want to be as a writer. At some point, I will transition to steamy romances. I still have a lot to learn yet, but I am progressing my skills as a writer with every short story release.

I appreciate everyone who reads my work. Time is precious in life, so knowing people are spending their downtime to read what I’ve written is humbling. I love that I’ve found a welcoming reader and writing community that doesn’t shun oddness. I embraced mine a long time ago, but it’s fun to interact with other people who aren’t afraid to show their quirky traits.

And also let’s face it, erotica lovers are a diverse bunch and we love ourselves because of it. Seeing the comment from NASA saying aliens probably aren’t fuckable, and the amount of people responding “challenge accepted” drove the point home that no matter what you want to write, you will find an audience.

So if anyone who is reading this is uncertain if you should write, or if you can — grab your pen or keyboard and try. Embrace your crazy, kinky side and explore who you are and enjoy the journey. You never know where it might lead.



P.S. If you’re looking for some steamy romantic alien erotica short stories, you can check me out on Amazon.

Secret agent erotica. Hunter’s Honey sci-fi short story finally released!

Hunter Honey secret agent book cover

Interested in a secret agent sci-fi erotica? Get it from my Amazon affiliate link HERE.

When Earth hires an investigator to spy on the Otans, can the operative do her job if all she wants to do is jump in bed with an alien?

Naomi is chosen as a secret agent to infiltrate the Intergalactic Marriage Council to verify exactly why the human women are just so dang happy when they marry an Otan.  She knows she has a job to do, but her boss doesn’t need to know that she plans some extracurricular fun on the mission.

Hunter is hot, playful, and loves to cook — but he also has a secret. How far will he let things go before telling Naomi the truth?

When Naomi meets Hunter, she thinks he’s too good to be true and it must be a trick.  But will she take her pleasure before the truth comes crashing down on them both?

Hunter’s Honey is the 9th explosive book in the Otan Brides series.  Each story is complete on its own and can be read in any order.


Hunter takes a couple bites of soup before asking his question. “So Naomi, what do you do for a living? Your bio was pretty vague.” 

I have an enormous ball of dough in my mouth, which gives me a moment to chew and mentally freak out. What the hell? Did the agency I work for not give me a complete bio? My mind goes blank. What was I supposed to do for a living? Didn’t my briefing tell me? I was so busy thinking of all my holes I wanted him to stuff, that I got distracted from my real purpose.

I swallow and look down at the table, unable to meet his eyes. “Actually, they fired me right before I left and it’s a bit of a sensitive subject still. Can we talk about this tomorrow?” Fuckity, fuck, fuck, fuck. I sound cagey and weird. I probably ruined my chance of dessert sex.

He relaxes back in his chair. “Sure.”

I peek at him from under my eyelashes and he looks amused at something. Oh shit, does he recognize I’m a fraud? Was this a setup? Wait, maybe he drugged my food, and that’s why I can’t think around him? I’m ten seconds from a panic attack when he stands up and starts clearing the table.  

“I also made dessert. I hope you like pie.” 

Pie? I perk up and my sense of alarm eases. If he’s feeding me dessert, he probably suspects nothing. I’m obviously being paranoid and a horrible secret agent. I should have memorized my personal information on the shuttle flight, but I was too busy making friends and daydreaming about alien sex with the rest of the girls.