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Hi everyone!

So I’m having a ton of fun writing the Otan books and I’ve been getting a small following, which is amazing and awesome. Over the last couple of weeks I’ve been evaluating where I want to go as a writer since this is more fulfilling than I expected.

At the same time, I also realize that I am enjoying more of the steamy romance erotica and I’m getting into the world building and story element of my aliens. So eventually I plan to transition to longer steamy romance-type stories. I still plan on doing the 30 short story erotica for the 3 alien races. Since I’m a newer writer, I’m not ready to tackle a longer steamy romance quite yet, but that is the direction I’m headed as I get better.

A friend of mine has been busy and finally got a chance to look over Manny’s Mate and it was pretty crazy the amount of mistakes she found AFTER I went over that story multiple times in the last month. So I appreciate everyone who has overlooked my mistakes. Because of this, I’m taking a week off of publishing to give more time for a second set of eyeballs to look at my stories before I publish. Eventually the goal would be to make enough to hire someone to double check my work, but pretty sure that is the dream of every indie writer. So for now since it’s a part-time gig, I make due with what I can.

So hope you guys stick around and are having as much fun as I am. We’ve got 2 more stories of the Otans to go!


If you missed the latest book, Peter’s Pet. You can get it HERE at my Amazon affiliate link.

Bonus sneak peak of current work in progress:

Hunter’s Honey

Story of Naomi’s journey with her Otan mate.

Four months ago, my government asked me to join a sensitive mission to spy on the Otans. Earth families claim their loved ones are being mind controlled by the Otans because the human women are too happy. They want me to go undercover and investigate the Intergalactic Marriage Council and see if the rumors have merit. 

After research, they decided the only way to infiltrate the system was to put a woman on the inside and offer her up for marriage. That led them to me. I worked at a government agency with high security clearance in a super boring desk job. I guess having no living family on earth makes me an ideal candidate for intergalactic espionage.

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