Fun Times – Direction Moving Forward with Writing

fun magical book laying open
fun magical book laying open

Hi everyone!

So I’m having a ton of fun writing the Otan books and I’ve been getting a small following, which is amazing and awesome. Over the last couple of weeks I’ve been evaluating where I want to go as a writer since this is more fulfilling than I expected.

At the same time, I also realize that I am enjoying more of the steamy romance erotica and I’m getting into the world building and story element of my aliens. So eventually I plan to transition to longer steamy romance-type stories. I still plan on doing the 30 short story erotica for the 3 alien races. Since I’m a newer writer, I’m not ready to tackle a longer steamy romance quite yet, but that is the direction I’m headed as I get better.

A friend of mine has been busy and finally got a chance to look over Manny’s Mate and it was pretty crazy the amount of mistakes she found AFTER I went over that story multiple times in the last month. So I appreciate everyone who has overlooked my mistakes. Because of this, I’m taking a week off of publishing to give more time for a second set of eyeballs to look at my stories before I publish. Eventually the goal would be to make enough to hire someone to double check my work, but pretty sure that is the dream of every indie writer. So for now since it’s a part-time gig, I make due with what I can.

So hope you guys stick around and are having as much fun as I am. We’ve got 2 more stories of the Otans to go!


If you missed the latest book, Peter’s Pet. You can get it HERE at my Amazon affiliate link.

Bonus sneak peak of current work in progress:

Hunter’s Honey

Story of Naomi’s journey with her Otan mate.

Four months ago, my government asked me to join a sensitive mission to spy on the Otans. Earth families claim their loved ones are being mind controlled by the Otans because the human women are too happy. They want me to go undercover and investigate the Intergalactic Marriage Council and see if the rumors have merit. 

After research, they decided the only way to infiltrate the system was to put a woman on the inside and offer her up for marriage. That led them to me. I worked at a government agency with high security clearance in a super boring desk job. I guess having no living family on earth makes me an ideal candidate for intergalactic espionage.

Peter’s Pet – Otan Brides Sci-fi Steamy Romance Erotica

Steamy sexy woman with alien book cover
Steamy sexy woman with alien book cover

Steamy romance erotica new release. Get it from my Amazon affiliate link HERE.

Can an Otan and a human disagree and still be compatible in and out of bed?

When Mia signs up with the Intergalactic Marriage Council she chooses Otans, even though she knows they dislike cats, and sneaks her pet on the shuttle with her.  She didn’t expect it to be such a big issue.

Peter is a smoking hot Otan athlete.  He and Mia get hot and heavy, but can he get over his dislike of her companion and make the marriage work?

Mia refuses to give up her pet, and fireworks go off in every sense of the word.

Steamy Romance Excerpt:

The problems all started because I forgot about my pussy — my eight-year-old cat, that is. Poor Leona kitty wasn’t even a consideration when I signed up for the Intergalactic Marriage Council. Otan was the obvious choice because, well; I love cats. I KNOW Otans aren’t cats, but a male with eyes, nose, and ears that are cat-like? Sign me up. Unfortunately, if the rumor is true, they don’t purr. Now that would have been fucking awesome.

I glance down at my email program again and re-read my congratulations letter and travel itinerary to the Otan Space Station. I leave in two weeks. What in the hell am I going to do about Leona? My cat is literally the only family I have on Earth. I’d rather chop off my arm than give Leona away.

And I already checked, the space station doesn’t believe in emotional support animals. I guess that’s not a thing in space, which it really should be if you think about it. Where else would you need more support emotionally? You just left your entire planet, family, and friends behind. I think you deserve to bring your freaking pet.

A quick internet search for space pet carriers yields some helpful articles about intergalactic travel with your cat, and an idea blossoms. You can buy stasis carriers for your pets? Leona jumps up and tries to sit on my keyboard while I’m typing. I scratch her neck and shove her in my lap. She huffs and settles in to watch my fingers on the keys.

Leona is a tiny thing, so I add the smallest stasis carrier to my virtual cart. There is no time to be picky. I need to get this sucker ordered. I hit submit and cringe as a month’s worth of pay disappears in a blink. This better not kill my cat.

Lancelot’s Love – Another Otan Sci-fi alien erotica short story

Lancelot Love book cover with girl licking blue alien's stomach
Lancelot Love book cover with girl licking blue alien's stomach

Lancelot’s Love available in Ebook at my Amazon affiliate link HERE

Jade is obsessed with Otans but is her chosen match more than just someone who is good in bed?

Jade grew up knowing she would always marry an Otan.  She signed up with the Intergalactic Marriage Council at 18. It took longer to be chosen than she anticipated, but she was finally selected and beyond excited to meet her match. 

Lancelot has zero time for love and romance and only selected Jade on a whim.  He’s surprised when she says yes to his offer and is uncertain why she did.

When Jade and Lancelot meet, sparks fly but they both have secrets they need to come clean about.  But it’s difficult to talk when Jade is so lusty, and they can barely keep their hands off each other.

Excerpt from Lancelot’s Love

From a very young age, I’ve always known I would someday marry an Otan. I’d describe myself as the ultimate Otan fangirl. When I was 10, my aunt was one of the first humans to Otan unions. She moved to their home world, but every few months we’d get long newsy letters from her where she described how thrilled she was with her Otan spouse. Her experience helped pave the way for the Intergalactic Marriage Council to offer marriage as a viable option for thousands of Earth females. She also was a test for what type of children an Otan and a human would produce. Somewhere out there I have half Otan-half human cousins that I’ve never met.

Everything about my aunt’s experience sounded romantic to my pre-teen self, and I became obsessed with the Otan species. Every little thing I did in life was to further my goal of marrying an Otan. Convinced that once I turned 18 and tossed my name into the selection that my Otan soul mate would snatch me up immediately, I signed up as soon as I could.

Unfortunately, it didn’t happen as I hoped. When no one selected me by the time I was 19, I enrolled in college. I went for my business degree, intending to work for the Intergalactic Marriage Council. The alternative plan was to secure a position on the Otan Space Station so I could meet my Otan soul mate randomly. My aunt married a high-level official in the Otan government, and she could pull some strings to get me a job with the Intergalactic Marriage Council.

Check out the book to see how Jade finds her Otan match!

Latest Otan erotica short story – Varick’s Valentine

Red Otan with hot girl book cover
Red Otan with hot girl book cover

Otan erotica now Available on Ebook from my Amazon affiliate link HERE

Can an alien give Lola a Valentine’s Day to remember?

When Lola’s past boyfriend makes her life a living hell after their breakup, she knows it’s time to get off Earth.  She has traveled the galaxy and believes that Otans are the best choice for her. When she meets her intended mate that the Intergalactic Marriage Council pairs her with, she’s not pleased by who it is.  Varick is NOT what she’s looking for in a husband.

Varick’s mating cycle is coming up in a year and he wants to spend time with his wife before they have a child.  When it comes time to select which human he wants, Lola is the stand-out choice for him.  She’s everything he’s looking for in his mate.

Varick and Lola meet up on Valentine’s Day and fireworks explode, but is physical attraction enough for Lola to get over her reservations?  Can Varick convince her that she needs him just as much as he needs her?  As an Otan, he knows exactly how to seduce a woman and change her mind.


The smell of orange and spice, along with a warm tingle running up and down my body, wakes me from my slumber. I’m laying on my side with my face smooshed into the cushion. When I open my eyes, only one of them can see anything. I’m staring into gorgeous almond-shaped eyes attached to a red, hot Otan. His eyes are wide, velvety black, and flecked with silver. He’s sitting cross-legged on the floor right next to the couch, so his face isn’t much higher than my level. The black eyes with the red body are striking, and I have the sinking feeling I know this guy. The skin color is uncommon for Otans and he’s smoking hot. 

Oh yeah, I’ve met him. 

It didn’t startle me to see him sitting there, and I don’t know why. “Hey Varick,” I whisper, still groggy.  

He smiles when I awaken. “Hello, Lola.” 

Varick’s deep voice has a musical tilt to it, and when he speaks a shiver runs down my back. How could I ever forget Varick?

Paperback available for the first time! Bundle of the first 5 stories.

paperback erotica green alien with woman against spaceship background
paperback erotica green alien with woman against spaceship background

Paperback and Ebook available at Amazon affiliate link HERE.

Meet the hottest alien species of galaxy!

The Intergalactic Marriage Council arranges marriages between human women and Otans, but the women are not prepared for all the Otans can do and will do to them. The men’s cute cat-like ears and eyes might fool the women into thinking they are nice, but the men quickly show they are the ones in control. 
Enjoy the first 5 steamy short stories in the Otan Brides Sci-fi erotica series.
  • Manny’s Mate
  • Ian’s Intended
  • Erik’s Escort
  • Patric’s Playdate
  • Chance’s Choice

Manny’s Mate – paperback bundle

Who knew aliens were amazing in bed?

When Ambra agrees to an arranged marriage through the Intergalactic Marriage Council, the Otan species seems like the obvious choice.  The humanoid cat-like species is comforting.  But Ambra gets more than she bargained for. 

Manny’s fertile cycle is approaching and it only happens once every three years, so there is no time to waste.  She barely knows Manny, but she’s expected to jump into bed with him immediately.  Manny doesn’t balk at using his powers of persuasion to convince her she wants to be with him.

Amara is hesitant, but he skillfully shows her exactly how his species use their special abilities for pleasure.  Exploring their differences is going to be more thrilling than she ever imagined…

First story in the Otan Brides Sci-Fi Erotica series.  Read them in any order, but his is the story that started it all. 

Ian’s Intended – paperback bundle

Can an Otan convince a human female to marry him after just one night?

Believing that her mother is speaking to her from the grave, Sharon joins the Intergalactic Marriage Council and is matched with Ian, a member of the Otan Species.  They may be destined for each other but Sharon isn’t going to stick around long enough to find out.

Ian is hot and being near him drives her wild, but Sharon isn’t thrilled with what he does for a living and isn’t sure she can handle being married to him.  She’s ready to ditch the whole idea and go back to Earth. Ian proposes she give him one night to show her exactly why being married to him is what she needs. Sharon wants him bad enough to agree. Ian gives her a night to remember, but is it enough to change her mind?  Can she really toss her reservations aside based on one amazing night?

Erik’s Escort – paperback bundle

Karlee has a wonderful life on earth as a high-paid escort.  She has no plans on getting married, especially not to an alien, until she’s made an offer too good to pass up.  Erik is not what she expects of an Otan, but the sizzle between them is undeniable.  Karlee will do anything to get what she wants. 

Patric’s Playmate – paperback bundle

Broke and desperate, Noell decides to try an arranged marriage through the Intergalactic Marriage Council. When she meets Patric, he doesn’t seem that impressive for an Otan.  But once she gets a glimpse of him naked, she’s in for a wild night…

Chance’s Choice – paperback bundle

When Emily is kicked out of college, she turns to the Intergalactic Marriage Council and chooses to marry an Otan. Chance is infuriating, but oh so sexy. He ties her mind up in knots and she fears how her body responds to him.

With the snap of his fingers, she is willing to give him everything she has…

Fifth Sci-Fi Erotica Short Story Released! Patric’s Playdate

Sci-Fi Book cover, sexy woman laying on the bed on her stomach
Sci-Fi Book cover, sexy woman laying on the bed on her stomach

Latest Sci-Fi short story erotica available on Amazon and Kindle. Get it from my Amazon Affiliate link HERE.

Patric’s Playdate

Broke and desperate, Noell decides to try an arranged marriage through the Intergalactic Marriage Council. When she meets Patric, he doesn’t seem that impressive for an Otan. But once she gets a glimpse of him naked, she’s in for a wild night…

Sci-fi Erotica Excerpt:

Broke and bored, I signed up to be a marriage volunteer with the Interspecies Marriage Council. Anyone who signs up gets to choose which race they want to marry. Otans are the only one I considered. The other two options are ugly and might bite if they get mad. I mean, some biting can be desirable, but I just can’t picture myself with the other species. Otans are semi cat-like and cute. Though I just got it shoved down my throat for a week that whatever I do, for the love of god, do not mention they resemble earth cats. But whatever, I think they should embrace it. Don’t they say laugh with them so they can’t laugh at you? I’m sure it’s something like that.

The main reason Otans make humans think of cats is because they have cat ears on the side of their heads, little adorable noses, and almond-shaped cat eyes. Other than that, they seem to be all humanoid. I heard a rumor that they have fur on their bellies, and I’m all over that, if so. But sadly, they don’t purr, and they don’t have tails. Though I don’t want a pet, I want a husband. So it’s better this way.

I shake out of my daydream about adorable pink skin and Otans to find Commander Pelsa is staring at me. Did she say something to me? Oh, right, a situation?

“Okay, hit me with it. What sort of situation?” She makes it sound all ominous, but nothing can be that bad. I’m about to marry an alien, for Christ’s sake.

“Your intended husband, Patric, would like a trial run before marriage.” When she says the word “trial” it comes out like a dirty word.

“Uh, what does that mean?” I want to ask her if I seem like I come with a 7-day free trial, but then I glance down at the holes in my jeans and my scuffed boots. Who am I kidding? Even I would assume I am a free trial type of girl.

If you like this Sci-Fi erotica, there are 5 books in the series so far, with 5 more planned!

Sci-fi Erotica. Chance’s Choice – 4th Book in Otan Brides Series just released on Amazon

sci-fi erotica book cover, while skinned alien man with arms around naked girl with brown hair
sci-fi erotica book cover, while skinned alien man with arms around naked girl with brown hair

New Sci-Fi short story erotica! Available on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited. Get it from my Amazon affiliate link HERE.

Chance’s Choice

When Emily is kicked out of college, she turns to the Intergalactic Marriage Council and chooses to marry an Otan.  Chance is infuriating, but oh so sexy. He ties her mind up in knots and she fears how her body responds to him. 

With the snap of his fingers, she is willing to give him everything she has…

Sci-fi Erotica Excerpt:

I blow the long brown strands of hair out of my face and heft my bag higher on my shoulder. I just spent five miserable days on a cramped shuttle with six other women. We learned six is the max the shuttle will hold, and it quickly became apparent why. They forced us together 24/7 other than to use the restroom. My brain hurts from the incessant chatter. I’m an introvert and I can’t handle that much close time with a pack of females.

Also, now thanks to them, I’m regretting walking through the testing doors two weeks ago. All they did was talk about past sexual exploits and rumors about what sex is like with Otans. If they are telling the truth, I’m about to marry a sex-crazed fiend who only wants a human woman to dominate. I shiver at the thought. I’ve never even had sex.

I mentioned my lack of experience to the group, and they were aghast. Now I’m supposed to go to my room and start sticking various things up myself to stretch my vagina out to prepare for a monstrous cock. That is not on my to-do list for tonight. I’m going to shower, listen to some soothing music, and figure a way out of this mess. I refuse to be anybody’s sex slave.